Manteo Group of Companies Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
P: (844)470-5300

About Us

Manteo Group of Companies Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary technology delivery company. We specialize in ensuring security and data management with a focus on managing and providing real time solutions for business IT needs. Manteo understands the value of reliable, high performing systems and a strong security posture to maximize the return on your investment in the applications that support your business. Manteo customers receive unparalleled support through a variety of integrated system applications, ensuring that the proper security measures are taken and a prompt response from our experts 24 hours a day.

Manteo brings to bear unparalleled technical talent with years, and in many cases over a decade of experience in their respective fields. You can rest assured that when you encounter a challenging technical situation, our staff have the necessary knowledge to help you work through to resolution. If we can’t provide you an answer, we can leverage our industry contacts to find somebody who can.

Manteo’s partners have been carefully chosen to enable us to provide you with cost effective solutions to meet all of your needs. Together with our technology partners we can provide cutting edge solutions from mature vendors that can interoperate with each other, as well as your existing environment, while meeting your requirements for performance, security and supportability.


Data Centre and Cloud Services

Are all of your eggs in one basket? Are you worried about what will happen if you lose access to your office or data center? Are you paying too much for real estate to waste space on a computer room? Let us help you to manage your infrastructure by co-locating your infrastructure in our ISAE 3402 / CSAE 3416 Type II certified data centre.

Manteo can tailor a data centre solution to meet your needs, ranging from a single cloud-based server to complete hosted infrastructure. Choose from among our services such as:

  • Infrastructure hosting and co-location
  • Virtual servers
  • Off-site backup
  • Warm-site disaster recovery
  • Provide your own infrastructure, or leverage Manteo’s enterprise caliber infrastructure
  • Self-managed, co-managed or 100% managed infrastructure
  • VPN, remote access, load balancing and security services
  • Migration assistance
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Hands on technical expertise in all technologies