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IT Procurement Services


Your business requires absolutely dependable connectivity that is fast, secure, and non-stop. Your network is an investment, reliant on networking products that must perform to the highest level possible. Manteo sells, services and supports the most comprehensive line of networking products available in the industry, each chosen on the basis of performance and reliability.

Secure Firewall/VPN solution:
Manteo supports industry leading technology in our firewall solutions, creating site-to-site VPN's and client-to-site VPN's, with network level to application level filtering.

High Performance Switches:
Manteo supports a wide variety of switches to meet your high performance needs. We can provide you with pre-sales assistance to help you choose the right switch model for your specific needs.

Document Management

Technology continues to revolutionize document management, impacting imaging and print technology, process and strategy. Manteo continues to offer leading edge imaging and print technology solutions representing the world's leading manufacturers. Manteo offers complete document management solutions, starting with planning and procurement strategies, through development of deployment plans, to fulfilling hardware requirements. Our overall document management solution includes services and implementation. Manteo can help you to achieve a balanced document environment - ultimately leading to maximized cost savings, end-user productivity and process efficiencies. Manteo has the ability to assess your business environment and recommend an optimal solution.


Enterprise Storage

Enterprise shared storage can now be optimized through consolidation, by carefully assessing elements such as Backup, Recovery and Archiving. Research has shown that as much as 70% of data residing on expensive, primary - tier 1 drives, can be migrated to a lower tier – lower cost storage. Manteo invites you to ask our professional services team about performing a File Storage Assessment on your network data. By implementing new backup and archiving policies, we can help you take positive steps towards Information Lifecycle Management and improved storage efficiencies.

Enterprise Server

Virtualization is prevalent throughout the data centre, and cross-platform consolidation has been an option for some of our customers. Manteo has helped many clients to realize a rapid Return on Investment associated with these technologies. We can help you build a strong business case for consolidation, moving down the path toward server and application virtualization. Your business will benefit from a reduction in required floor space, administration, maintenance and support – and most importantly, inherent improvements with application performance, utilization and management.

Intel Server/Blades

Manteo provides hardware consolidation of traditional Tower and Rack Servers to Blade Servers. Through consolidation and virtualization we can help you decrease the Total Cost of Ownership [TCO] within the Data Centre. Our Server Consolidation service assists your business in projecting the TCO of a Blade solution and provides an overview of your existing Server utilization. Since consolidation and centralization requires increased power and cooling management, Manteo will assist you in designing or redesigning your Data Centre and provide a solution on Racking, Power and Cooling.

Desktops, Notebooks, Monitors

For all our Desktop, Notebook, and Monitor installations, Manteo provides a Desktop Lifecycle Management service - each DLM is designed to your specific request and requirement. We can assist you with product standardization to maximize lifecycles and reduce imaging costs. We will customize our broad range of solutions to your industry's specific needs