Hybrid/Multi Cloud

Custom Means Competitive - Let us give you the edge

Hybrid Solutions That Fit

Amazon was started in a garage with 3 computers.  Born in the cloud, they’ve not only challenged but upset stalwarts in retail, finance, transportation, logistics, publishing, software development, web and infrastructure services, film and television.  When they’ve seen a gap, they’ve used cloud speed to get to market and cloud scale to disrupt the competition.  Are you ready?

The ability to be nimble in responding to market transitions and new user needs gives you a business advantage. It’s not a question of public or private or squeezing into a one-size-fits all mould. To meet your business objectives, you need a solution designed specifically for YOUR business. 

With hybrid and multi cloud capabilities, we can help you scale efficiently and provision resources based on changing demands at the speed and scale you need.  

How Manteo Can Help

Our Cloud Consultants will work closely with you, your team and others in your organization to help understand how you can potentially transform your business leveraging cloud native capabilities.  We follow proven methodologies to help you quickly and confidently adopt cloud technologies that limits organizational risk and ensures your team can grow and develop their skills to support, leverage and exploit this new environment to the greatest extent possible. Manteo provides: 

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment, Roadmap and Program Execution
  • Cloud Strategic Advisory Services
  • Cloud Enablement and Adoption Service
  • Service Design and Catalog Implementation
  • Cloud Architecture and Design
  • Cloud Implementation and Integration
  • Cloud Application Rationalization and Migration 
  • Cloud Data Analytics and Management