Manteo Group of Companies Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
P: (844)470-5300

Welcome to Manteo

Manteo Group of Companies Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary technology delivery company. We specialize in ensuring security and data management with a focus on managing and providing real time solutions for business IT needs. Manteo understands the value of reliable, high performing systems and a strong security posture to maximize the return on your investment in the applications that support your business. Manteo customers receive unparalleled support through a variety of integrated system applications, ensuring that the proper security measures are taken and a prompt response from our experts 24 hours a day.

Support Plans

At Manteo we understand that all of our clients have different needs and individual requirements. To align with these needs and to ensure that the proper service and support is in place, we customize all support plans to match the client. Why pay for a package that doesn’t meet your specific needs? Contact Manteo for a full assessment and quote.

Our Services

  • Systems Optimization
    Infrastructure Maximization
  • Data Management
    End to end storage life cycle management
  • Networks + Security
    Securing and optimizing the fabric
  • Virtualization
    Consolidate, Visualize, Manage, Maximize and Automate