Cyber Risk Assessment

Manteo’s Cyber Risk Assessments provides you with a thorough understanding of the maturity and effectiveness of your organizations Cyber Security practice. Leveraging our deep understanding of industry standard frameworks and current trends, we assess what risks and exposures your organization is facing and keep you informed so you can stay ahead of those attempting to damage your organization and focus on what really matters, growing your business.


Manteo’s Cyber Risk Assessments are built upon a strong expertise and understanding of standard industry frameworks such as ISO27000, NIST, and CSC20. This ensures that our clients Cyber Security Practices have a solid foundation and that they are prepared for any type of security incident that will eventually happen to them. Our assessments focus specifically on three main areas in Cyber Security; Controls, Vulnerabilities, and Technology.

  • Cyber Security Controls ensure that our clients have the proper policies and procedures in place to prevent security incidents, respond to security incidents, and recover from security incidents.
  • Vulnerability scans help provide clients with detailed insight into all the devices connected to their network and which of those devices expose their organization to risk.
  • Technology assessment helps clients ensure they have the right products and solutions in place to complement their controls and close any gaps or exposures leaving the organization at risk.

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