Solving your Business Challenges

With Technology Enabled Solutions

“ Our project involved connecting multiple offices in multiple countries and Manteo's product knowledge and incredible adaptability helped make the project a success. ”

Ivanhoe Energy

“ We have had several projects completely managed by Manteo and have been thoroughly impressed with the level of service, timing, planning and technical hand off of these projects. ”

Trilogy Energy Corp.

“ Through projects involving Enterprise Storage, Firewall Security, Networking Switches and Disaster Recovery, Manteo has been nothing but knowledgeable and professional through planning, implementation and follow up. ”

Mosaic Energy Limited

“ One of our key manufacturers was bought and sold off in many different pieces, we could no longer comfortably move forward with that product line. Manteo was way out in front on this one, they had already vetted a couple of other options for us. This saved us time, money, headaches and significantly reduced risk for us. ”

S.I. Systems

“ It's comforting to find a group that has abilities with products from multiple vendors instead of specializing in only one. ”

Ivanhoe Energy