Manteo has been in the networking business since its inception. We have seen firsthand the explosive growth in networking and the complexities that have resulted from advances in technology and a change in our corporate work behaviours. Concepts such as cloud, BYOD, mobility, and big data have placed significant stress on our traditional networking models.

Manteo’s understanding of these shifts enables us to help our clients properly design, build, and remediate their network infrastructure to ensure the network adapts to disruptive technology changes while maintaining the highest level of security.

Manteo’s team of Network experts help you realize the most value from modern network technologies that your organization has deployed or plan to deploy by assisting or leading the design and deployment of these technologies. Our Networking Practice provides expertise and focus on the following;

  • Network refreshes & platform migrations
  • Network modernization such as Software Defined Networking & Next Generation Firewall
  • Traditional & Modern Networking competencies in;
    • Switching
    • Routing
    • Wide Area Networking
    • Wireless Networking

Your business and technology capabilities rely on dependable networking connectivity that is fast, secure, and optimized to manage today’s demands. Let Manteo experts assist you and your organization to ensure that your networking investments perform to the highest level possible, maintain security, and support your organization's business capabilities.

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