Data Center Modernization

Manteo has been assisting its clients with their internal infrastructure since its inception. The data center and the technologies within it are a core competency for Manteo. Cloud has disrupted the datacenter and the technologies we implement in our datacenters. It is no longer acceptable to just virtualize your server workloads and call it a day. IT leadership is challenged with keeping up with cloud capabilities within their own data center offerings and transitioning to become a service provider and business enabler.

The technologies deployed in our data centers must exhibit cloud like capabilities; provide scalability in our infrastructure, simplify the consumption model for the consumer, and eliminate large capital expenditures while keeping operational costs down to a minimum. Manteo partners with leading edge private cloud solutions to provide our clients with modern datacenter technologies that provide cloud like capabilities on-premise.

Our team of Infrastructure experts can help modernize your datacenter technologies and introduce cutting edge private cloud capabilities, while reducing your operational costs. Our team can help organizations with the following, but not limited to;

  • Technology Platform Refreshes
  • Datacenter and Platform Migrations
  • Datacenter Hosting and Managed Services
  • Cutting edge technologies in the infrastructure space of;
    • Datacenter Virtualization (compute, network, and storage)
    • Server Compute Solutions
    • Storage Solutions

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