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IT Enterprise Services

One of the biggest pitfalls of project planning is the lack of consideration of the criticality of the environment, future relevance, and Disaster Recovery planning.


Project Planning

Our suite of Enterprise Services includes incorporating the following in our project planning methodologies:

  • Evaluation of the importance of the project to the corporation.

  • Interdependencies of the project with associated components.

  • Manageability

  • Scalability

  • Upgradability is often overlooked and environments can grow to become critical but not portable or manageable.


Application Management

Companies often lose significant revenue through applications that serve the same purpose but are purchased from different vendors. We can assist in Application Consolidation, license management and license management optimization.

Disaster Recovery

One critical aspect of Disaster Recovery (DR) is backups and recovery. Far too often environments are backed up but recoveries not working or not effective. We focus on backups/recovery infrastructure as one of the key components of DR and plan for operational support, SOX, PCI and regulatory compliance.

Risk Analysis

We perform detailed risk assessments from technology, operational efficiencies and staffing support. Despite complex, ruggedized infrastructure operations in today's environment, corporations often fail to ensure proper knowledge transfer of critical staff, redundancy in staffing to manage critical corporate environment as some of the risk considerations. As an objective third party with a depth of experience we can assess the corporations risks from a detailed technology, staffing and operational perspectives.